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The STEP UP Special Offering begins now and continues through January 31, 2014 with a God-sized goal of $15,000 above regular tithes & offerings to Lake Hills.  Read below to find out more about STEP UP and the vital ministry initiatives it funds for 2014 that will help reach community and world for Jesus Christ and show God's love to the less fortunate.  And pray about how God would have you give to STEP UP.  It's going to take all of us giving together to reach the goal.





God has blessed our church in some incredible ways since our church began almost 6 years ago.  We’ve seen 75 people baptized.  We’ve withstood a major fire and relocation not to mention the rebuilding process.   Although we are still very young as far as the existence of our church we’ve done everything we can to give the people of the Ozarks the best opportunity to become "fully-developing followers of Jesus.”


But we believe that God has even greater things in store for Lake Hills Church in 2014 and beyond!  The STEP UP Special Offering gives us an unprecedented opportunity to deepen our impact in our community, enlarge and strengthen our ministry to our attenders and families, and multiply our efforts to reach those who don’t yet know Jesus Christ like we do.  


Pastor Jack’s recent sermon called “SIGNS You Will Always See at Lake Hills Church” was very well received.  The reason this message was well received is because we believe this is the kind of church most people are looking for.  We are not saying we are the best out there, we simply want to be our best for God at Lake Hills! 



Here are the ministry initiatives you will support by giving to STEP UP:


  • Supporting several of the missions we partner with at LHC.  Including Least of These, Convoy of Hope, Back 2 School Bash, plus various projects throughout we do throughout the year.

  • Helping meet the spiritual and physical needs of the less fortunate.

  • Investing in the spiritual growth of our children and families through necessary upgrades to equipment and Bible-learning tools in Lake Hills Kidz & Student ministries as well as other new initiatives.

  • Helping to fund the projects not covered by our insurance and cannonball efforts.  Including additional auditorium lighting, sidewalk, church steeple, office equipment & miscellaneous items.




This Special Offering (above your regular giving) will be received through January 31, 2014. 

To give to the STEP UP Special Offering on our website, give at Church, or by mail.



To Support local Missions and evangelism through LHC. We’re a church that serves the “least of these.” Through the STEP UP Special Offering we have a unique opportunity to help those in the greatest need We’re a church that loves to invest in children and families. We consider it an honor to help the families in our church raise children and students so they will grow up in a strong home and choose to follow Jesus. To do this, we’ve designed a fantastic experience for children on Sunday called Lake Hills Kidz and our Students are expanding ministry to reach teens in our area for Christ. In addition, we also want to continue to offer the best opportunity to become fully-developing followers of Jesus!


To do that, we want to use the best resources, offer the greatest opportunities to grow spiritually, and create unique settings for people to begin a relationship with Jesus. In 2014 we’ll need to stay ahead in our equipment needs, facility needs, transportation needs, and resourcing to see this happen. In addition, we want to be prepared to respond to any new ministry opportunities that God presents us in the coming year.“I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to Heaven."Philippians 3:14


*For Frequently Asked Questions about Lake Hills Special Offering Click 

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