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                                           Lake Hills Partners

If church membership is what you're looking for, you came to the right place. . .sort of.

Members have rights, but partners in ministry have responsibilities.   At Lake Hills Church, we want partners not "members".  Still interested?
The purpose and mission of Lake Hills Church, is to Love God and to Love People.   There are four core values to partnering with Lake Hills Church.
Lake Hills Partners are fully engaged in Celebrating in Worship, Connecting in Small Groups, & Contributing through financial Giving and Volunteer Teams.


Partnership at Lake Hills Church means...

1.  I will protect the unity of my church.
       . . . by acting in love toward other members
       . . . by refusing to gossip
       . . . by following the leaders
2.  I will share the responsibility of my church.
       . . . by praying for its growth
       . . . by inviting the unchurched to attend
       . . . by warmly welcoming those who visit
3.  I will serve the ministry of my church.
       . . . by discovering my gifts and talents
       . . . by being equipped to serve by my pastors
       . . . by developing a servant’s heart
4.  I will support the testimony of my church.
       . . . by attending faithfully
       . . . by living a godly life
       . . . by giving regularly
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