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Lake Hills Church was founded by Pastor Jack & Michele Ward in February of 2008.  Their approach to ministry is simple:


Come as you are Grace Happens | You matter to God.  


LHC started at the local Senior Center in 2008 with a small group of people in Ozark.  We experienced lives being changed and walls coming down and additional space was needed, so in June we moved into and renovated a store-front space on South Campbell Avenue in Springfield.  By this time Lake Hills experienced more people connecting to God and one another and  in March 2009 after renovations of a local restaurant in Ozark we relocated once again and additional Worship, Children's & Student ministry staff were added.    June 2012 our church experienced a devastating fire (due to an electrical failure) and because the building was a total loss and the owners of the restaurant decided not to rebuild we would have to relocate once again.   For the next 15 months we would meet at The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and we appreciated their generosity while we were in transition.  November of 2013 we moved into our permanent facility which is located at Hwy. 65 & CC -Ozark (one block west of Conoco) at 5350 N. 23rd Street in Ozark, Missouri.   God has blessed Lake Hills Church and we could not have done it without the faithful support and prayers of many people.  At this point we have seen over 100 people come to Christ and obey Him in Baptism.  


Well, that's our story.  We believe everyone has a story with good and bad.  It's an amazing thing to watch what seems bad at the time turn it into something good!  We would love to hear your story and connect with you.    

Lake Hills 5 ares of ministry focus:
Worship.  Outreach.  Small Groups.  KiDz.  Students.

At Lake Hills Church we are simply trying to do our best to become our best for God and His Kingdom. We want you to believe in God and let you know God believes in you and that He loves you.  If you're looking for the perfect church, we're not it.  We will make mistakes and we will choose to grow from them.  


So here's the invitation.  YOU are invited to join us at Lake Hills Church.  For a fuller experience of who we are please feel free to poke around the website.   We hope to see you and your family at Lake Hills this Sunday.

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